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This policy outlines the access that different staff groups will require to the GURU Microtest and the requirements that they will have to pass to get this access
Valid To: 27/10/2018
Publication Type: Policies
This document outlines those activities required to ensureInformation is managed in a secure way.
Valid To: 26/03/2019
Publication Type: Policies
Policy defining IT Security controls to protect the Trusts data.
Valid To: 25/03/2022
Publication Type: Policies
Policy defining the framework of administering the Registration Authority requirements for the issuing of smartcards to access National applications such as SPINE.
Valid To: 26/11/2021
Publication Type: Policies
The procedure outlines the process to be followed in order to provide a temporary clinician with access to an IT account for the use of clinical IT systems in practice. The risks inherent within this process are identified.
Valid To: 29/03/2018
Publication Type: Procedures