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This policy describes how the Trust will ensure Clinical Safety with Clinical IT systems and maintain compliance with published standards DCB0129 & DCB0160
Valid To: 19/09/2022
Publication Type: Policies
Policy defining the framework of administering the requirements for the issuing of smartcards in an emergency.Keywords: RA, CIS, Registration Authority, Smartcard, National Care Records Service, NCRS
Valid To: 31/03/2023
Publication Type: Policies
Outlines those activities required to ensure Information is managed in a secure way.
Valid To: 10/01/2023
Publication Type: Policies
Policy defining IT Security controls to protect the Trusts data.
Valid To: 25/03/2022
Publication Type: Policies
Policy defining the framework of administering the Registration Authority requirements for the issuing of smartcards to access National applications such as SPINE.
Valid To: 26/11/2021
Publication Type: Policies
Failure to deliver the Trust wide Maxims electronic patient record could have a detrimental effect on patient care and patient safety. This plan describes the arrangements needed to recover from a system failure and maintain services that rely on Maxims availability.
Valid To: 23/08/2022
Publication Type: Protocols
To aid the effective and appropriate use of MS Office Applications on Trust systems promoting awareness of and adherence to current legal requirements and NHS information governance standards
Valid To: 31/12/2023
Publication Type: Policies
This document outlines the responsibilities of nervecentre users and provides the guidelines to ensure safe and effective care.
Valid To: 21/10/2023
Publication Type: Policies
The procedure aims to outline the process to be followed in order to provide a temporary clinician with access to an IT account for the use of clinical IT systems in practice, whilst outlining the risks inherent within the process.
Valid To: 03/10/2022
Publication Type: Procedures

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