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The document aims to ensure safe administration of Parenteral Nutrition. To prevent the complications associated with the administration. To give clear advice and guidance for staff involved in the administration of Parenteral Nutrition.
Valid To: 17/05/2022
Publication Type: Procedures
Guideline to enable the safe introduction of enteral feeding (naso-gastric and gastrostomy) in adult patients when dietetic assessment is not possible. i.e. weekends and bank holidays.
Valid To: 01/05/2023
Publication Type: Guidelines
This guidance sets a clear protocol for the management of adults presenting with LBW. It promotes high quality patient care at the interface between primary and secondary care and between mental and physical health services. This document has been produced to address uncertainty regarding the management of adult patients wtih low body weight both in primary care and in the hospital setting
Valid To: 25/02/2022
Publication Type: Guidelines
This policy sets the standards of clinical safety that all RCHT staff must adhere to when undertaking insertion of nasogastric fine bore feeding tubes and verifying correct placement for adults. The document complies with NPSA guidance.
Valid To: 21/07/2024
Publication Type: Guidelines
Procedure for authorised Dietitians to prescribe and order enteral nutrition for community patients
Valid To: 21/10/2023
Publication Type: Procedures
Guidance on safe and appropriate insertion of ENPLUG. Key words gastrostomy, PEG, RIG.
Valid To: 28/11/2022
Publication Type: Procedures

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