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This Policy describes what behaviour is acceptable and unacceptable when using Information Communication Technology equipment on behalf of an organisation that is a member of the Cornwall Health Community.
Valid To: 25/03/2022
Publication Type: Policies
A description of the actions and those responsible for ensuring the confidentiality of personal identifiable data.
Valid To: 20/03/2019
Publication Type: Procedures
Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) guide and tool for conducting process. This should be used for all new or significantly changed data collection/processes.
Valid To: 10/01/2022
Publication Type: Policies
The data quality policy defines the process by which the aims identified in the data quality strategy will be delivered. It defines the roles of the Trust, Information Asset Owners and the Data Quality Assurance Group in delivering the data quality strategy. It defines the standards for data quality against which routine measurement will take place and action plans put in place to ensure those standards are adhered to.
Valid To: 19/09/2019
Publication Type: Policies
Policy for managers, employees and CITS on the appropriate use of the email system.
Valid To: 03/10/2021
Publication Type: Policies
To highlight to staff the correct procedures to follow in regard to personal information that they may come in contact with.
Valid To: 17/10/2021
Publication Type: Policies
Defines how the Trust will comply with the principles of Openness, Legal compliance, Information security and Quality assurance when managing personal or sensitive information.
Valid To: 15/05/2022
Publication Type: Strategies
Provides the framework within which the Trust will manage its responsibilities for managing the safe use and sharing of person level data. It also provides detail on how the Trust manages its FOI responsibilities.This policy merges the following policies into this one document; Data Protection Policy, Freedom of Information Policy, Pseudonymisation Policy, Information Governance Policy and Safe Haven Policy
Valid To: 28/11/2019
Publication Type: Policies