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This policy provides guidance for the delivery of the National Chlamydia screening programme in Cornwall to achieve the aims and objectives of the NCSP
Valid To: 01/04/2021
Publication Type: Policies
Genital examination of patients within RCHT sexual health services. All examinations must be carried out by an appropriately trained practitioner. Intimate examinations may be embarrassing or distressing for patients especially if they have not attended a sexual health clinic before
Valid To: 01/07/2020
Publication Type: Guidelines
Although many people living with HIV do not have psychological problems, specialist psychological support is available for anyone who needs it.
Valid To: 06/02/2022
Publication Type: Guidelines
This Standard Operating Procedure is applicable to all patients aged 17 years or less, who attend RCHT sexual health services either at the Hub at Royal Cornwall Hospital, or a peripheral clinic across Cornwall. All of these patients have a child protection template completed in addition to a usual sexual health clinic template.
Valid To: 03/07/2022
Publication Type: Procedures