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This guideline clarifies the criteria for referral of patients to the Lymphoedema Clinic at the Royal Cornwall Hospital (RCH) and the discharge process that will be followed.
Valid To: 17/07/2021
Publication Type: Guidelines
Patients with the highest need are identified and seen urgently. OT assessment, intervention and discharge is formulated as quickly as possible following referral.
Valid To: 28/03/2022
Publication Type: Policies
The purpose of this policy document is to describe the types of intervention provided by the OT ED Service and how/when a referral can be made
Valid To: 09/05/2022
Publication Type: Guidelines
Purpose of the guidance,Nature of assessment, role of team members, tools to be used for assessment and risk assessment, process of documentation, information provision and onward referral.
Valid To: 14/05/2022
Publication Type: Guidelines