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The purpose of this SOP is to provide guidance for the management and flow of patients within the Emergency Department (ED) and Clinical Decision Unit (CDU).
Valid To: 10/01/2022
Publication Type: Policies
Procedural Policy for Fascia-Iliaca Compartment block to provide effective analgesia for patient with a fractured neck of femur.How to carry out the procedure (to be used in conjunction with adequate training and supervision) and minimum observations required prior to, during and after the procedure to ensure patient safety at all times.
Valid To: 30/09/2019
Publication Type: Procedures
A guideline on the role of medication and factors to be considered when prescribing for, or in anticipation of, the management of acutely disturved behaviour. Information and advice on appropriate medications, their potential adverse effects and management, physical monitoring of patients and record keeping.
Valid To: 01/05/2020
Publication Type: Guidelines
This guideline contains a summary of locally agreed management of orthopaedic conditions commonly seen in the Emergency Department. It is aimed at junior doctors and emergency nurse practitioners
Valid To: 11/01/2022
Publication Type: Guidelines
The purpose of this guideline is to improve patient safety and quality of care by setting standards for the safe sedation of adult patients in the ED. The guideline sets training standards and requirements for ED clinicians delivering sedation.
Valid To: 07/05/2022
Publication Type: Guidelines
This policy sets out the arrangements for the safe and appropriate referrals of patients to the AECU within the Trust. The policy is also intended to ensure that staff of RCHT and CFT clearly understand their responsibilities to ensure safe referral, admission and management of the patient.
Valid To: 13/12/2021
Publication Type: Policies