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The aims and objectives of this policy are to define and describe the processes of the Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards within RCHT.
Valid To: 01/03/2022
Publication Type: Policies
The aim of this policy is to establish a process and offer guidance, which can be implemented in the event of a patient going missing. It is intended to ensure a consistent approach in reducing the risk of patients absconding or going missing and responding when patients do abscond or go missing.
Valid To: 03/10/2021
Publication Type: Policies
Safeguarding Services Strategy
Valid To: 31/12/2021
Publication Type: Strategies
This document offers practical guidance on the use of the Mental Health Act 1983 and Mental Health Amendment Act 2007 within RCH
Valid To: 16/08/2022
Publication Type: Policies
This document offers practical guidance on the use of the Mental Health Act within West Cornwall Hospital and St Michaels Hospital
Valid To: 14/08/2022
Publication Type: Guidelines
The purpose of this policy is to reduce and manage the use of illicit substances (drugs) and alcohol whilst at RCHT. This can be maximised by working collaboratively with service users, rather as being seen as having a purely custodial role. Staff will need to appreciate what triggers use and how difficult it can be not to use while in hospital. The aim of this policy is to work with the service user to support the non-use while an inpatient.
Valid To: 04/10/2022
Publication Type: Policies

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