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To restrict members of the public from gaining access to areas and departments of the hospital without obtaining permission. To provide a variety of security access or egress levels to control the movement of staff, patients and visitors to and from higher than normal risk areas of our hospitals and buildings. To develop a security awareness culture to encourage staff and patients to challenge anyone not wearing an ID badge in Trust hospitals and premises.
Valid To: 01/05/2020
Publication Type: Policies
The Code of Practice has been developed to ensure that the CCTV system is operated fairly, within applicable law and only for the purpose for which it is established. That the scheme is operated with due regard to the privacy of the individual and the equipment is only operated and the recorded data viewed by those with a legitimate reason to do so. Use of the system by individuals and other authorities is dependent upon the willingness to comply with this Code of Practice and to be accountable under this Code.
Valid To: 01/11/2021
Publication Type: Policies
Policy and guidance for the management of staff working alone
Valid To: 29/04/2022
Publication Type: Policies
Defines policy, procedure, protocols for violence and aggression.
Valid To: 01/04/2021
Publication Type: Policies
Defines policy, procedure and protocols for security.Security Policy, Identity Badge, Reporting Security Incidents, Closed Circuit Television.Purchase of Security Systems, Lockdown, Escalating Security Incidents, Managing Security Alerts, Bomb Threats, Risk Management, Fraud, Reporting Security Incidents, Police Partnership, Sanctions, Protection of Critical Assets, Site Security, Building Security, Personal Security of Staff, Asset Management, Security Marking, Recovery of Losses, Firearm or Weapons Attack, Identification of Personnel, Visitor Access, Conflict Resolution, Security of Computerised Information, Security of Health Records, CCTV, Purchase of Security Equipment.
Valid To: 23/07/2022
Publication Type: Policies

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