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Details the Trust's policy and procedurerelating to Being Open in line with theNPSA's National Framework and the Statutory Duty of Candour
Valid To: 11/04/2021
Publication Type: Policies
This policy outlines:1) The organisation's values and beliefs about clinical audit and NICE Guidance.2) Working definitions of clinical audit and NICE Guidance.3) Key responsibilities of the staff involved in clinical audit and NICE Guidance.4) A best practice framework: systems and processes.5) Expectations for good governance.
Valid To: 14/02/2022
Publication Type: Policies
Strategy for the delivery of Clinical Effectiveness for the RCHT
Valid To: 31/07/2021
Publication Type: Strategies
The document describes the policy and procedures for the reporting and management of incidents including Serious Incidents
Valid To: 30/04/2019
Publication Type: Policies
This policy has been developed to ensure that the Trust has in place a systematic and coordinated approach for reviewing the findings and recommendations from the range of safety alerts issued via the Central Alert System and any field safety notices issued directly by manufacturers or suppliers.
Valid To: 20/12/2021
Publication Type: Policies
This policy confirms the process that has been developed to ensure a consistent and coordinated approach for the review of in-hospital deaths.
Valid To: 01/10/2020
Publication Type: Policies
The clinical care of patients progresses through the developments in equipment, investigation and procedure. This progression requires clinicians to introduce new procedures. The Trust must have established protocols for the introduction of these changes in practice and the training of all staff involved.This policy aims to ensure that a robust process is in place for the introduction of all new procedures and that staff are appropriately trained.
Valid To: 17/01/2022
Publication Type: Policies